Hill Head Road, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 3JP
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Are you the most organised person in your office or of your friends (perhaps both)? We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up early, so there’s no rush at the end of the year. To secure the best seats, contact us now. Santa might be on holiday but our Elf is hard at work, making your life easier!
Check out our mouth-watering, luxurious Festive Menus here.

Last year over £15,000 was raised for our nominated charity Together for Short Lives, through Christmas Celebrations (25p from every booking deposit). We think that we can do even better this year!

A famous and historic pub-restaurant right on the beach at hill head the Osborne View is perfect for lunch, dinner and seaside drinks.

The Osborne View is situated in Hill head, not far from Fareham. With 70m beach front garden and spectacular views across the Solent, it is the perfect seaside location. The pub has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and serves well kept, award winning ales all year round, including Badger’s famous Tanglefoot, and beers that change with the seasons. There is a huge selection of wines from around the world, all available by the glass and freshly prepared food made using our regional supplier’s seasonal ingredients.

There is a private dining area, available for private hire, up to 12 guests. Just speak to the Team if you have any questions about making a booking.

Table Bookings:

As of March 2014 we no longer take table bookings, with a few exceptions listed below, for the benefit of all our guests. Too often you arrive to find a table reserved and sitting empty until 1pm; wasting our amazing view. Too many times you arrive for a booking with a sea view and we haven’t been able to accommodate you. Again and again you have come in for a drink and only to find diners taking priority. 

If you arrive early, you will have a sea view. If you pop in for coffee and cake and a suitable sea view table is available, of course you will have it. No more will we see those sought after sea view tables sitting empty awaiting the arrival of their Guests.

Here are the exceptions of which I spoke earlier. We will continue to take telephone bookings:

• for ‘Red Letter Days’ i.e. Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day and Christmas
• for tables with 10 or more guests and registered disabled guests can book at set times - noon, 3.30pm and 6.30pm.

The Osborne View is the perfect place to relax, why not come down and watch the cruise liners head on their journeys, or perhaps enjoy a little bird watching.

Winter Opening Times

Sunday 11am – 1030pm 
Monday 11am – 11pm 
Tuesday 11am – 11pm 
Wednesday 11am – 11pm
Thursday 11am – 11pm 
Friday 11am – 11pm
Saturday 11am – 11pm 

Food Service Times

Sunday (12-8pm)
Monday (12-830pm)
Tuesday (12-830pm)
Wednesday (12-830pm)
Thursday (12-9pm)
Friday (12-9pm)
Saturday 12-930pm)

Car Parking

We have on-site car parking

The Osborne View is proud to be part of the Hall & Woodhouse family.  For more information on Hall & Woodhouse and to find other Hall & Woodhouse houses click here.

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